A few examples of my recent work. Click on each image below to view or download the sheet music.

A Hopeful Bit of Hallucination (Opus 54.1)

A tone poem for chamber orchestra: strings, oboe, trumpet, harp, timpani and bells.

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Three Pieces for Piano - I - Invention (Opus 53.1)

First movement of “Three Pieces for Piano” - an intense and somewhat dissonant blend of jazz, progressive rock, and contemporary classical.

Three Pieces for Piano - II - Reverie (Opus 53.1)

Second movement of “Three Pieces for Piano” - a quiet, reflective, meandering composition with harmonies reminiscent of Debbusy and Gershwin.

Three Pieces for Piano - III - Reinvention (Opus 53.1)

Third movement of “Three Pieces for Piano” - a reinvention of harmonies and themes borrowed from the two prior movements.

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