Kenny Blacklock is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in Northern California. Growing up in a very musical family, he started writing music in his early teens, at first chamber music in imitation of classical composers, then later jazz fusion and progressive rock. He studied music composition and arranging at Berklee School of Music and also at San Francisco State University, where he earned an MA in Interdisciplinary Humanities.

He has performed on violin, mandolin, guitar, and keyboards with many Northern California bands in a variety of styles including Bluegrass, Celtic, Fusion, Jazz, Rock and Western Swing. He purchased his first synthesizer, a Yamaha SY22, in 1991 and started writing electronic music in the mid-90’s using a 16-track midi sequencer and a Fostex 4 Track Cassette Recorder.



Angelic Voices of Beauty and Terror 
Release Date: May 22, 2018

Orfeo in the Desert
Release Date: May 3, 2018

This Little Light of Mine: Songs for Children and Everyone Else 
January 1, 2008


Buffalo Wedding 
Artist: Andy Padlo
Release Year: 2011

Till The Light Comes
Artist: Jackie Greene
Release Year: 2010

Better Blue 
Artist: The Ann Cummings Band
Release Year: 2010

Pacific Dust
Artist: The Mother Hips
Release Year: 2009

Wild Blue Grass
Artist: Dr. Elmo & Wild Blue
Release Year: 2009

Forty Years in the Blink of an Eye
Artist: The Wildflower
Release Year: 2008

Late Rain 
Artist: The Keepers
Release Year: 2006

Dances for Two Pianos & Orchestra  
Artist: The Unconservatory Festival Orchestra
Release Year: 2006

Are You Ready in There? 
Artist: The Keepers
Release Year: 2002

A Track in Time
Artist: Steve Goodbar
Release Year: 2000

Old Favorites
Artist: Charlie’s Band
Release Year: 1987

Getting to Know Us 
Artist: Whiplash
Release Year: 1980

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